Please do not fill this form out if you are requesting assistance. Please see the page "Apply for Assistance" and follow the instructions listed there.




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Changing the lives of those living with chronic illnesses.

Financial Assistance

For those living with chronic illnesses, extended hospital stays and time off work are normal causes of stress. If you've experienced an extended hospital stay and time off work due to health, you can apply for financial assistance to help with rent, utilities, or other necessities.

Mental Health Services

There is a high co-occurrence rate of chronic illnesses and depression and anxiety. To help improve mental health status of those impacted by chronic illnesses, patients and their immediate family (mother, father, siblings) can receive counseling services paid for by the foundation.

Lifestyle Support



Patients may register for extracurricular activities and have a portion or all costs covered by the foundation. They must provide a doctor’s release of approval for the activity as well as a letter stating how this would benefit their physical/mental health.

Additional Support


Each year, registered families will be able to enroll in holiday support. This will be available based off of fund availability and demand. It will be remitted in the form of presents, meal/grocery gift cards, and/or holiday decor such as a Christmas tree. Additionally, applicants will receive goodie boxes with necessities and fun items to boost their morale throughout the year.

Summer Gameathon Fundraiser!
Location is TBD