Please do not fill this form out if you are requesting assistance. Please see the page "Apply for Assistance" and follow the instructions listed there.




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Applying for Assistance

We offer the following assistance:

  • mortgage/rent

  • utilities

  • prescription co-pay

  • mental health services

Eligibility for our Financial Assistance Program is as follows:

1. The parent of a child (under 18) in the hospital for longer than 7 consecutive days OR an adult (18+) in the hospital for longer than 7 consecutive days.

2. In order to review the request for financial assistance, a hospital professional (social worker or doctor) must send a letter of referral confirming the diagnosis as well as hospital admission dates.

These services are available at a maximum of two times per calendar year. Approval is subject to the availability of funds. Submitting an application does not guarantee receipt of assistance. If your application for assistance is denied, you may apply at a later time. If your application is approved, we will be in contact within 10 business days. 

To help improve mental health status of those impacted by chronic illnesses, patients and their immediate family (mother, father, siblings) can receive counseling services paid for by the foundation. 

Eligibility for our Mental Health Services Program is as follows:

1.The parents and siblings of a child (under 18) diagnosed with a chronic illness OR an adult (18+) with a chronic illness and their spouse.

2. In order to receive mental health services, a letter of diagnosis and relation to patient must be provided to our team for review.

To find a mental health provider in your area, click here. 

To submit an application for assistance, click HERE. Once your application is received, we will follow up requesting additional documentation to verify qualification in our program.